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The Boys of Sinclair Hill: Fun in the backyard


Matt, Addie and Alex love to play outdoors. Their own backyard is a fun place to explore and discover. Join these brothers on a short but fun adventure outside. There so many interesting things to discover!

  • ISBN 978-976-8223-32-6 (soft-cover)
  • Published 2009 Stacey Alfonso-Mills
  • ©2009 Stacey Alfonso-Mills

Age group 3-5/Beginner Reader

Available in Trinidad & Tobago at:

  • Paper Based At The Normandie, St. Anns
  • Rainy Days, Ellerslie Plaza, Maraval
  • Horizons Framing & Décor Limited
  • Ishmael Khan & Sons, Piarco Airport
  • Caboodle Gifts, 107 Long Circular Road, Maraval

Available online soon at Amazon and Barnes & Noble