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The Boys of Sinclair Hill: The Princess, The Treasure and the Blue Dragon


In this story, Matt and Alex invite their friend Gia over to play. They use their imagination to have fun. Soon it involves pirates, ships, treasure hunting , the forest, a dragon and of course….a princess! Join these kids on their great adventure.

  • ISBN 978-976-8210-54-8 (hard-cover)
  • Published 2011 Stacey Alfonso-Mills
  • ©2011 Stacey Alfonso-Mills

Age group 3-5/Beginner Reader

Available in Trinidad & Tobago at:

  • Paper Based At The Normandie, St. Anns
  • Rainy Days, Ellerslie Plaza, Maraval
  • Horizons Framing & Décor Limited
  • Ishmael Khan & Sons, Piarco Airport
  • Caboodle Gifts, 107 Long Circular Road, Maraval

Available online soon at Amazon and Barnes & Noble