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Author Stacey Alfonso-Mills has written and self-published two children’s illustrated storybooks under the series ‘The Boys of Sinclair Hill’. The series feature the fun times and experiences of 3 brothers – Matt, Addie and Alex. Their stories are designed for girls and boys in the beginning/early reader age group and from any part of the world.

Stacey’s books are imaginative and feature Caribbean elements, which also make them creative and unique.

The Boys of Sinclair Hill: Fun in the backyard

Matt, Addie and Alex love to play outdoors. Their own backyard is a fun place to explore and discover. Join these brothers on a short but fun adventure outside. There so many interesting things to discover!

(Age group 3-5/Beginner Reader)


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The Boys of Sinclair Hill: The Princess, The Treasure and The Blue Dragon

In this story, Matt and Alex invite their friend Gia over to play. They use their imagination to have fun. Soon it involves pirate ships, treasure hunting, the forest, a dragon and of course….a princess! Join these kids on their great adventure.

(Age group 5-8/Early Reader)


More details and where to buy